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Group Description

Alive ‘N’ Kicking is a children’s weight management programme service commissioned by Croydon Council. The service offers families a FREE 10 week programme to learn about healthy eating  and participate in physical activity sessions. Alive ‘N’ Kicking aims to help overweight children and their families to reach and maintain a healthier weight. The programme is specifically designed to provide age appropriate messages, fun activities and behavioural change strategies that will benefit the whole family.

Extended Info

Alive N Kicking is commissioned by Croydon Council to deliver healthy lifestyles programmes to children aged 4-12 years who are on/above 91st centile.

What we offer:

  • Fun and exciting physical activity sessions and games
  • Short nutrition workshops
  • Engagement from the parents via resources provided to take home, including a parent handbook and weekly recipes
  • Incentives for the children attending the programme including water bottles, aprons, Frisbees and free fruit.



Further Information |

Alive n Kicking is the highly regarded Children’s and Young Person’s Weight Management programme, developed and delivered by the Weight Management Centre Ltd. Our skilled team concentrate on supporting families to help them conquer their healthy lifestyle goals. Supporting families to lead a healthy lifestyle in this obesogenic environment is our main objective as we work towards reducing the levels of overweight and obese children and young people.

The Weight Management Centres, children and young persons programmes are built on our drive to empower parents to support their children to make achievable lifestyle changes. All children and young people attending our services are guaranteed to have fun as well as learning how to eat healthily and become more active.



Our central location offers the perfect place for both small and large meetings, with free on-site parking,


  • Mon-Fri 9am – 8pm
  • Sat-9am – 1pm
  • Sun 9am – 8pm


07985 109974


906a Brighton Road,


Surrey CR8 2LN

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